Friday, March 2, 2012

Across the Twitterverse

Priscilla: So you know how we are always finding these awesome science facts to share, but we never get around to writing a post about them?
Alesha: Yes.
Priscilla: We should create a Smart People Scientists twitter account!
Alesha: Ah! And then our blog can be about the stuff we want to research?
Priscilla: YES.
Alesha: NEAT.
Priscilla: So you like this idea?
Alesha: I do. I now pronounce us Twitter and Blog.

That’s right, SPS friends, we are tweeting. You can now follow @SPSMagazine for all your science needs. Here is our snazzy new avatar.

Oh yeah, and we just bought two lady lab coats. Imagine the shenanigans we’ll get into once we look legit!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pretty Penguin: The Truth Behind Pebble Prostitution

The word on the ice is that penguin love is for sale. The price? A pebble. Some like to romanticize this practice, pairing it with the human woman’s love for diamonds. But there’s a dark truth associated with these pebble exchanges: pebble prostitution.

Unlike their human counterparts, penguins do not become engaged upon the gifting of said pebble. Marriage is not an institution among birds. Instead, the exchange of the pebble leads to a sex act or, as sciencey folks prefer to say, mating.

Now, these lady penguins may have fish breath instead of fishnet stockings, but it cannot be denied that they are exchanging their form of currency (albeit shiny rocks) for sex. Who shall rescue them from this life of promiscuity?

Richard Gere, won’t you please save the penguins?

Read more about penguins and pebbles here.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Outback: A Kangaroo Mating Story

Picture this: You’re a sweet lady kangaroo, enjoying a stroll in the Australian Outback. A studly male kangaroo approaches. He lovingly strokes your chest, your neck, your tail.  Intrigued by this demonstration of eroticism, you take a peek below—only to discover that he has a two-headed penis! (Gasp!) Your ladylike sensibilities are overwhelmed with his profusion and you plan a faint on your afternoon chaise. 

But then you remember: You're a marsupial, too! 
As a marsupial, you have three vaginas: Two for birthing and one (the pouch) for continued fetal development. With this knowledge in mind, you can now relax and mate with that sexy counterpart of yours.

Ahh, yes. Sweet, sweet mating…

Kangaroos from the Kansas City Zoo
Kangaroos are fascinating creatures, even with the naughty bits removed. You can learn more about them (and other marsupials) here and here

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Benefits of Being a Flying Snake

For today’s SPS article, we are counting down the top five reasons why it is GREAT to be a flying snake.

Reason # 5: The convenience of fast food via the “Fly-Thru” window.

Reason # 4: You can air dry after a nice swim. (Why yes, snakes are excellent swimmers.)

Reason #3: Wingless entries make for exciting party entrances.

Reason #2: Commuting.

And the number one reason it is GREAT to be a flying snake:

Snakeskin Kites!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Jellyfish are Awesome (and Gross)!

For our debut article, we address a topic at the forefront of every scientific mind: "Are jellyfish awesome or gross?"

"Why Jellyfish are Gross!" by Alesha 

Jellyfish are so, totally, gross!  I can’t even begin to understand why anyone would think otherwise.  They don’t have hearts (how can anyone be interested in a creature without a heart?) and furthermore, neither species (Cnidarians nor Ctenophores) have brains. How are these horrible creatures even alive? 
Scientists assert that they existed before dinosaurs. As if one kind of jellyfish wasn't enough, they decided to evolve into bigger, nastier species. Too bad they weren't the favorite food of the Plesiosaur. When it's time for them to eat, jellyfish float in the water, dangling their long, nasty tentacles, waiting to shoot venom into anything that happens to swim by. They don't look anything like jelly. Instead, let's call them "See-Through-Nasty-Creatures-of-the-Ocean-that-Give-People-Nightmares."

"Why Jellyfish are Awesome!" by Priscilla

Alesha considers the lack of a heart and brain to be a negative trait, but I disagree. When creatures of visible size function devoid of organs, they deserve to be respected, not detested. Below you will find five additional reasons why jellyfish are awesome.
  • Their natural iridescence makes them a hit at dance clubs. (Bring out the disco ball, baby!)
  • Once scientists create a Peanut Butter Fish (it’s just a matter of time), they can be the best of friends.
  • They match my jelly shoes.
  • Fish can bounce on their backs. (For evidence, see Disney’s Finding Nemo.)  
And the number one reason why jellyfish are awesome:

They freak Alesha out. 

What do you think? Are jellyfish awesome? Or gross?