Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Outback: A Kangaroo Mating Story

Picture this: You’re a sweet lady kangaroo, enjoying a stroll in the Australian Outback. A studly male kangaroo approaches. He lovingly strokes your chest, your neck, your tail.  Intrigued by this demonstration of eroticism, you take a peek below—only to discover that he has a two-headed penis! (Gasp!) Your ladylike sensibilities are overwhelmed with his profusion and you plan a faint on your afternoon chaise. 

But then you remember: You're a marsupial, too! 
As a marsupial, you have three vaginas: Two for birthing and one (the pouch) for continued fetal development. With this knowledge in mind, you can now relax and mate with that sexy counterpart of yours.

Ahh, yes. Sweet, sweet mating…

Kangaroos from the Kansas City Zoo
Kangaroos are fascinating creatures, even with the naughty bits removed. You can learn more about them (and other marsupials) here and here

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Benefits of Being a Flying Snake

For today’s SPS article, we are counting down the top five reasons why it is GREAT to be a flying snake.

Reason # 5: The convenience of fast food via the “Fly-Thru” window.

Reason # 4: You can air dry after a nice swim. (Why yes, snakes are excellent swimmers.)

Reason #3: Wingless entries make for exciting party entrances.

Reason #2: Commuting.

And the number one reason it is GREAT to be a flying snake:

Snakeskin Kites!