Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Benefits of Being a Flying Snake

For today’s SPS article, we are counting down the top five reasons why it is GREAT to be a flying snake.

Reason # 5: The convenience of fast food via the “Fly-Thru” window.

Reason # 4: You can air dry after a nice swim. (Why yes, snakes are excellent swimmers.)

Reason #3: Wingless entries make for exciting party entrances.

Reason #2: Commuting.

And the number one reason it is GREAT to be a flying snake:

Snakeskin Kites!


  1. Love this article as well as the picture. I enjoy being here when you create your stuff :D

  2. As you know I am an animal lover so I must ask one question. Were there any snakes harmed in the making of this blog? If so, I might need to report the abuse ;)