Friday, March 2, 2012

Across the Twitterverse

Priscilla: So you know how we are always finding these awesome science facts to share, but we never get around to writing a post about them?
Alesha: Yes.
Priscilla: We should create a Smart People Scientists twitter account!
Alesha: Ah! And then our blog can be about the stuff we want to research?
Priscilla: YES.
Alesha: NEAT.
Priscilla: So you like this idea?
Alesha: I do. I now pronounce us Twitter and Blog.

That’s right, SPS friends, we are tweeting. You can now follow @SPSMagazine for all your science needs. Here is our snazzy new avatar.

Oh yeah, and we just bought two lady lab coats. Imagine the shenanigans we’ll get into once we look legit!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pretty Penguin: The Truth Behind Pebble Prostitution

The word on the ice is that penguin love is for sale. The price? A pebble. Some like to romanticize this practice, pairing it with the human woman’s love for diamonds. But there’s a dark truth associated with these pebble exchanges: pebble prostitution.

Unlike their human counterparts, penguins do not become engaged upon the gifting of said pebble. Marriage is not an institution among birds. Instead, the exchange of the pebble leads to a sex act or, as sciencey folks prefer to say, mating.

Now, these lady penguins may have fish breath instead of fishnet stockings, but it cannot be denied that they are exchanging their form of currency (albeit shiny rocks) for sex. Who shall rescue them from this life of promiscuity?

Richard Gere, won’t you please save the penguins?

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