Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Jellyfish are Awesome (and Gross)!

For our debut article, we address a topic at the forefront of every scientific mind: "Are jellyfish awesome or gross?"

"Why Jellyfish are Gross!" by Alesha 

Jellyfish are so, totally, gross!  I can’t even begin to understand why anyone would think otherwise.  They don’t have hearts (how can anyone be interested in a creature without a heart?) and furthermore, neither species (Cnidarians nor Ctenophores) have brains. How are these horrible creatures even alive? 
Scientists assert that they existed before dinosaurs. As if one kind of jellyfish wasn't enough, they decided to evolve into bigger, nastier species. Too bad they weren't the favorite food of the Plesiosaur. When it's time for them to eat, jellyfish float in the water, dangling their long, nasty tentacles, waiting to shoot venom into anything that happens to swim by. They don't look anything like jelly. Instead, let's call them "See-Through-Nasty-Creatures-of-the-Ocean-that-Give-People-Nightmares."

"Why Jellyfish are Awesome!" by Priscilla

Alesha considers the lack of a heart and brain to be a negative trait, but I disagree. When creatures of visible size function devoid of organs, they deserve to be respected, not detested. Below you will find five additional reasons why jellyfish are awesome.
  • Their natural iridescence makes them a hit at dance clubs. (Bring out the disco ball, baby!)
  • Once scientists create a Peanut Butter Fish (it’s just a matter of time), they can be the best of friends.
  • They match my jelly shoes.
  • Fish can bounce on their backs. (For evidence, see Disney’s Finding Nemo.)  
And the number one reason why jellyfish are awesome:

They freak Alesha out. 

What do you think? Are jellyfish awesome? Or gross?